Shareholder Agreements


The focus of a shareholder agreement is usually on what each shareholder will bring to the relationship and the way the new entity will be managed and report its results.

Shareholder agreements are generally entered into by shareholders of private companies. These agreements are best carefully drafted by an experienced law firm to ensure they cover core issues relating to the issue of new shares and the rights and obligations that must be complied with in any sale of shares. A valuation clause is often included, for example. For obvious reasons, knowing how to set the exit price if a shareholder chooses to exit is also a very important commercial issue for all concerned parties.

A shareholder agreement will define the rights and obligations of the parties. Issues which might be addressed are the day to day running of the business, management, role of shareholders, how to handle disputes between shareholders and how profit is to be distributed, to name but a few.

We also provide legal advice in relation to alteration of shareholder agreements and shareholder disputes (including Shareholder Litigation).

We are experienced in drafting shareholder agreements, giving special attention to individual circumstances so you will receive a competently drafted and well presented agreement.

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