Selling A Business

customer and salesman shaking handsThe process of selling a business should not be rushed, no matter how attractive an offer may be. Selling a business requires careful planning to ensure a successful sale and the best possible price for your business.

It will be important to consider matters such as:

  • employees and training;
  • confidentiality agreement / non-disclosure agreement  – to protect your interests from non-genuine buyers or an unsuccessful sale;
  • special conditions to be included in the sale of business contract;
  • restraint of trade – this is important if you are interested in working in the same industry after the business sale;
  • the intellectual property of the business;
  • ownership and sale of business equipment and stock;
  • the settlement process;
  • lease – if business operates from a fixed premises;
  • transitional assistance;
  • your involvement in the business after the sale; and
  • registering your security interests on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).

At PCL Lawyers, our business and commercial lawyers can assist in the offer process, prepare contract documentation for the sale, negotiate and complete the settlement process. Our team have the skills and experience to ensure a smooth sale transaction across a variety of industries.

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