Trade Marks


Trade marks protect brands. There can be one trade mark or a series of them which are derivatives of each other. There is a formal registration process and a national register where they are kept that may be searched by the public.

Registration gives rise to certain intellectual property rights for the owner of the registered trade mark in that other businesses in that class are not permitted to use or profit from the goodwill associated with the holder of the registered mark. When someone does so, this is a generally a breach of trade mark.

We are well experienced in trade mark applications and breach of trade mark cases. Damages and other remedies can be considerable for a breach of trade mark as well as other associated actions – such as the tort of passing off and misleading and deceptive conduct.

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  • If you believe that your trademark (registered or unregistered) has been infringed or if you have been accused of infringing another business’ mark, legal advice is critical.
  • If you have been accused of infringing another business’ mark.

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