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New Lease – Tenant

As a Tenant entering into a new lease there are more considerations and potential pitfalls than what most could ever possibly imagine.

Experience has taught us over the years for getting the lease documentation right can save a tenant thousands, if not tens of thousands or sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Just some considerations that need to be taken into account are:

  • Lease term
  • Rent and rent review
  • Options to renew for further terms
  • Fit out
  • Make good

Whether your lease is for a small commercial premises or large factory facility, we will provide you with timely and considered advice.

Our lease lawyers understand the different industries and different types of premises require that we ask different questions.

We are well experienced in lease preparation and negotiation. Many of our tenants will involve us at offer to lease stage so is to help them consider what might be relevant at this crucial offer stage. Offer to lease documents are generally binding on the parties to the extent that the document states that the parties are to the bound. It is thus often difficult to go back to renegotiate after this document has been signed.

Whether you need advice on the offer lease stage or at the lease signing stage, we are here to help.

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