Due to the complex nature of franchising, and the fact you have to take the complex processes out of your head and put them into thorough documentation, it is essential that you seek assistance from franchise law experts when looking to become a franchisor.

The biggest mistake anyone can make when establishing a franchise is to not seek legal advice. When speaking to those who are having problems with their franchise, not using a franchise lawyer usually crops up in the conversation.

We provide strategic advice in relation to:

Drafting franchise agreements and disclosure statements
We will always seek to understand a franchisor’s business as a well drafted franchise agreement must be properly tailored and well preserved to that business not only to protect your legal position as a franchisor but also to maintain the quality of your brand image.

We will listen to you and ensure that you have a well drafted, neatly presented and legally compliant franchise agreement and disclosure statement.

Franchisee Premises Licence Agreements and Subleases
We are well experienced in providing advice in relation to the franchisee site issues, including discussing with you the ways in which the franchisee site issues can be handled (where applicable).

Disputes with Franchisees and Litigation
We mediate if we can and litigate where we have to. We will always seek to enforce your rights with vigour but having regard to maintaining the commercial relationship with your franchisee where possible.

Where necessary, we will commence and run litigation to conclusion in order to enforce the franchisor’s rights.

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