Due to the complex nature of franchising, and the fact you may be using your life savings to buy your franchise business, it is essential that you seek assistance from expert franchise lawyers like those found at PCL Lawyers, when looking to buy a franchise.

It is a mistake in buying a franchise not to seek legal advice first from boys to understand this complex area of law.

We provide advice in relation to:

Franchise Purchase and Pre-Purchase Due Diligence

We can provide you with advice in relation to your business structure as well as carefully considering the impact of different clauses in the Franchise Agreement and, where applicable, the Premises Licence Agreement, Lease or Sublease.

We will listen to your requirements and provide advice in relation to your rights and obligations as a franchisee. Many franchisees do very well from a franchise over the years but a franchisee who has not considered his or her obligations going in, and the long term impact of various clauses, can see their investment diminish in value rather than appreciate. Proper legal advice going in, followed by a consideration of commercial ramifications of legal issues will go a long way to ensuring that you have a positive franchise experience.

Disputes with Franchisors

If you have a dispute with your Franchisor, please contact us as early as possible in order that we can advise you as to your rights and obligations so as that the dispute hopefully remains contained and is quickly resolved.

Franchise Litigation

Where disputes have escalated to the litigious stage, we can represent you in either settling the matter as quickly as possible or otherwise defending your position with vigour.

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