Personal Insolvency


This is often a complex and sensitive area of law sometimes involving people who are trying to make ends meet in their everyday life.


PCL Lawyers have extensive experience in personal insolvency. We work closely with our clients, their accountants and financial advisors where possible in order to achieve the best possible results for them in this difficult area of law. There are often many options available including various types of debt arrangements where appropriate and bankruptcy if other methods are not an option.

We can provide you with sound and appropriate legal advice to assist you.

Some of the areas we can assist you in are:

  • Bankruptcy issues arising in debt recovery matters
  • Issuing Bankruptcy Notices against individuals
  • Advising on Bankruptcy Notices received by individuals
  • Acting for individuals in bankruptcy proceedings brought against them

Should you require professional advice and representation with respect to any bankruptcy or personal insolvency recovery matter please contact us.

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