Debt Recovery

Final notice stampIf you are owed money

We offer a streamlined, cost-effective debt collection service.

Do you need a fast, effective, no-nonsense debt recovery service? Then you have come to the right place.

  • We are experienced and highly successful in recovering outstanding debts – large and small.
  • We take an approach that involves fast action and pressure on the debtor using legal processes.
  • When it comes to recovering money, the idea is to make your unpaid invoices the debtor’s priority.

Part of the reason for our success in this area is that we fully appreciate that different approaches are required for different types of debts and different types of debtors. In other words, we consider all the factors before we start the recovery process.

Possible outcomes include the following:

  • payment in full;
  • payment plan (if suitable);
  • legal proceedings;
  • wind-up (if a company); and
  • bankruptcy (if an individual).

Most debtors do not want to be wound up (in the case of a company) or be made bankrupt (in the case of an individual). Sometimes they are just feeling the pressure and don’t know what to do next.

Our goal is to help prioritise the importance of the debt owing to you so that you get a solution earlier (in case they go broke later) or otherwise to get the debtor to focus their mind on dealing with you before other debtors.

To find out more about our debt collection service, contact us today on 1300 907 335 or complete the enquiry form on this page.