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The Perfect Contract

A perfect contract clearly sets out what the parties have agreed upon and seeks to reduce the likelihood of a dispute and, if one arises, seeks to minimise the impact of that dispute. Ideally, the perfect contract will be put in a drawer and never be looked at again because the parties know exactly what they have agreed upon and honour that agreement so that the written contract is not needed. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world and often the written contract will be needed to ensure that one or more parties keep the promises made.

When a dispute does arise, a clear and easily understood document can assist you in that very often it will have anticipated the issues in dispute, helping you avoid the need for a court of law to be involved at all. We can assist in this regard.

Furthermore, we can provide legal advice to you in relation to almost any type of contract. We are well experienced in drafting contracts for various commercial or personal purposes and otherwise reviewing contracts for those who have been given an agreement drafted by someone else.

Having a contract reviewed by a lawyer before signing on the dotted line is essential to minimize the possibility of headaches, sometimes very costly ones, down the track.

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