Commercial Conveyancing

Commercial Conveyancing

What is commercial conveyancing?

Legally speaking, commercial conveyancing is the process through which the rights, title and interest in commercial property are transferred from one person or entity to another. Commercial conveyancing includes the transfer of commercial real estate such as offices, factories, land for subdivision and service stations. The process involves the preparation, execution and submission of a number of lengthy legal documents. We can properly advise you in relation to your obligations and rights in relation to these documents, while at the same time protecting your interest. A good conveyancer will always take the time to properly explain to you, in non-legal jargon, the effect of each of these documents before you sign them.

We have enormous experience as property lawyers and our conveyancing department will ensure that your sale and purchase are handled with diligence, professionalism and in a straightforward, easy to understand way.

For Vendors (sellers), we will prepare your Contracts and Vendors Statement quickly and comprehensively and then carry the matter through to settlement after the sale.

For Purchasers (buyers), we will ensure that you are properly advised and kept up to date from the time of receipt of the Contract by us until settlement. Our clients are continually impressed by our level of care and attention.

Our conveyancing fees are very competitive simply because we have well established systems which promote efficiency in the process, and that also allows our friendly conveyancing team to provide you with the service you would expect from a law firm.

We also have experience in conveyancing of houses, units, apartments, residential and commercial land, developer subdivisions, offices, factories, shops, warehouses, farms, hotels and service stations.

We also act in relation to interstate sales and purchases in the Queensland, NSW, W.A, S.A jurisdictions.

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