Commercial Leasing

Leasing through Lens on Missing Puzzle.At PCL Lawyers, we have strong experience in the commercial leasing space – both retail and non-retail.

We provide a cost effective service across the following areas:

New Leases – If you are the Landlord

We draft commercial leases for landlords on a regular basis. Our documents are precise and well presented.

Commercial leases are complex documents. They must provide for several eventualities that may arise during the term of the lease and for when the lease is terminated. Without careful consideration of the terms of the lease, issues can arise.

New Leases – If you are the Tenant

It is wise as a prospective tenant to ensure that the proposed lease is understood and drafted in way which is fair.

We will always add value to a new lease negotiation. It is more than just peace of mind. You want to make sure that your rights and responsibilities are understood.

Some issues that require particular consideration are:

  • Fitout
  • Termination
  • Make Good
  • Rent Free Period
  • Adopting the right wording for special conditions

Lease Disputes
Lease disputes require decisive action.

Our team of commercial leasing lawyers are pragmatic and committed to resolving a dispute as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Sometimes litigation is nonetheless inevitable and we can most definitely bring the necessary skill and resolve to the table. We are experienced in lease litigation for matters heard in VCAT and the Supreme Court of Victoria. We also regularly appear at commercial leasing mediations.

Whatever the dispute, you need tough lawyers in your corner.

Some examples of a lease dispute include:

  • Default for Non-Payment of Rent
  • Rent Review
  • Breach of Lease
  • Demolition Clauses
  • Exercise of Option
  • Lease Termination and Lock Out
  • Injunctions (preventing a landlord form locking out a tenant)

Assignment of Lease

Leases are mostly transferred when a business is sold and the premises are transferred to the new incoming purchaser.

Our property lawyers can draft or review the assignment of lease for you.

A sublease is necessary when only a portion of the premises is being leased to a third party. Subleases require specific and drafting.

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